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Who is responsible for Sikkim’s glacial lake outburst flood?

Who is responsible for Sikkim’s glacial lake outburst flood? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); On the night of October 3, 2023, the South Lhonak Lake in North Sikkim breached, causi
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House-hunters left stunned after “hellhole” property advertised as “blank canvas” goes on sale for nearly £700k – cash in hand

Friday, November 17, 2023 Facebook Linkedin RSS Twitter Youtube Deadline News Agency Deadline News is the leading independent news and picture agency in Scotland. Supplying content to print, broadcast
Website link :“hellhole”_property_advertised_as_“blank_canvas”_goes_on_sale_for_nearly_£700k_–_cash_in_hand_1152

New Horizons: Delta’s LAX-Liberia Route Fuels Guanacaste’s Rise in Tourism

In a significant move for Costa Rica’s travel industry, Delta Airlines inaugurated its direct flight route from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Liberia, Costa Rica. This milestone, marked
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Colombia tourists urged not to use dating apps, US embassy warns over suspicious deaths

Visitors to Bogota have been advised not to look for love in the Colombian capital with the US embassy warning of scams and violent criminals targeting tourists using online dating apps . Colombia has
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Americans top list of Cancun vacation medical travelers

Cancun, Q.R. — As many as 30,000 medical travelers arrive in Cancun each year for cosmetic procedures. While in the city recovering, they enjoy a specialized vacation of around 12 days. Cancun’s M
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Indian PM Narendra Modi’s beach photos spark tensions in the Maldives

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted a series of photos on social media this month showing him snorkelling, strolling on a white-sand beach, and lounging in a chair next to turquoise waters in L
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Indian PM’s beach selfies ignite spat with Maldives over tourism

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted a series of photos on social media last week showing him snorkeling, strolling on a white-sand beach and lounging in a chair next to turquoise waters in Laks
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Japan steps up defense ties with the Philippines, as Kishida promises ‘golden age’

MANILA, Philippines – Surrounded by a gaggle of media under the harsh Manila sun, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Saturday, November 4, was presented a scale model of the Japan-made Philipp
Website link :,_as_Kishida_promises_‘golden_age’_918

Covid holdout North Korea to welcome first tourists since the pandemic

A mysterious Hermit Kingdom and pariah state is to finally welcome its first tourists in four years, as the last country in the world to restart tourism after the Covid 19 shutdown. Russian tourists r
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‘World-first engineering’ used to connect remote island to ultrafast broadband

News | Politics A communications firm has deployed “world-first engineering” as part of its efforts to connect residents on a remote Scottish island with “life-changing ultrafast broadband”. F
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Kukës: The first city ever nominated for a Nobel Prize

Richard Collett Lush Alida Ismailaj was helping a French reporter cross the border from Albania into Kosovo when a bomb exploded nearby, spraying shrapnel and debris across a road packed with fleeing
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Malaga to New York flights will begin a month earlier next year and take off daily

Malaga will now become the only Spanish destination with daily non-stop flights to the US tourism hotspot. The flights to New York Newark Airport are due to start from May 2 2024, a month earlier than
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