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Why converting purchases to EMIs may no longer get you a discount

Last week, the Reserve ( ) issued two important directives that will have far-reaching consequences for the segment. One, it asked the country’s largest consumer goods financier Ltd to stop lending
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These Are the Loneliest Cities in Canada, According to a Study

Nearly 3 million people call this city home, but despite its population size, life feels more lonely in Toronto than anywhere else in Canada. The Toronto Foundation’s recent study, Vital Signs Repor
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City of Glasgow graduates take steps towards success

Having benefited from City of Glasgow College’s state-of-the-art facilities, inspirational courses and professional connections, graduates are now preparing to take centre stage , writes Agnes Steve
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Science says teens need more sleep. So why is it so hard to start school later?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — High school classes start so early around this city that some kids get on buses at 5:30 in the morning. Just 10% of public schools nationwide , according to federal statistics. Bu
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Fugees rapper says lawyer’s use of AI helped tank his case, pushes for new trial

WASHINGTON (AP) — A multimillion-dollar conspiracy trial that stretched across the worlds of politics and entertainment is now touching on the tech world with arguments that a defense attorney for a
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Bihar survey exposes disparities among OBCs

The economic truths revealed by the Bihar caste survey data are more telling than whatever political significance the findings may have. The survey has presented a multi-dimensional cross-section of t
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The Astrophysicist Who Loves the Things We Cannot Know

arcelo Gleiser thinks we have the story of the universe all wrong. And that it’s time to restore Earth and humanity to the center of the cosmos. The Brazilian physicist, astronomer, and winner of th
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Superiority-biased authorities

I am writing this letter to express my deepest and most disturbing concern about an incident that jus­tifies “being a minority in the ma­jority is a curse.” I am a student at the Islamia Univers
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Breast Cancer awareness

As a concerned community member, I wish to emphasise the critical importance of raising awareness about breast cancer, im­pacting numerous lives annually. Breast cancer affects not only those diagnos
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Addressing harassment in Karachi

I write to highlight the escalating harassment issues in our beloved city of Karachi. Witnessing the dis­tressing experiences faced by indi­viduals, particularly women, on a daily basis deeply sadde
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NAOWA 8 Division Holds 2023 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign In Sokoto

The 8 Division Chapter of the Nigerian Army Officers’ Wives Association (NAOWA) on Saturday holds its 2023 breast cancer awareness campaign in Sokoto State.Website link :

Fintech startup EduFi secures $6.1m led by Zayn VC to launch student loans with Study Now Pay Later

Education is a lever of economic growth and social development in any country but poor quality state school provision often drives many families to fee-paying schools. Helping these families manage th
Website link :$6.1m_led_by_Zayn_VC_to_launch_student_loans_with_Study_Now_Pay_Later_1007

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