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Save the railings! A battle cry for preserving a historic Big Sur bridge — and spectacular coastal views

To drive over Big Sur’s Garrapata Creek Bridge is to witness a magic trick. The railing of the inhistoric bridge doesn’t conceal the stunning view — rather, the beach sails majestically into sig

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Black Smoke Makes the Nation Sick

W e need to live in order to do everything else. Even if we live, we cannot do much if we fall sick. What if we force innocent poor people to fall sick due to our own ignorance and selfishness? We tal

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Electric Iron Market Analysis & Forecast for Next 5 Years

Electric Iron Market Analysis & Forecast for Next 5 Years 12-08-2023 08:13 PM CET | Advertising, Media Consulting, Marketing Research Press release from: HTF Market Intelligence Consulting Private Lim

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Cobalt nanoparticles could become a significant player in the pursuit of clean energy

To help address climate change, we urgently need to transition to clean energy. The energy sector is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, which are the primary drivers of global warm

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Erewhon’s International Court of Justice: Delhi’s pollution, here’s the solution

We sit here today, a group of 15 judges, assembled from all parts of the world. The ICJ is not a particularly well known organisation. It heard its first case in 1947. We are based in The Hague, the o

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Why DC Charging For Electric Cars Will Become The Norm — Eventually

Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse were both early pioneers in using electricity in homes and factories. Edison was a proponent of direct current (DC) while Westinghouse favored alternating current

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Vehicle Event Data Recorders (EDR) Market Size, Players, Revenue Analysis 2023-2029

Vehicle Event Data Recorders (EDR) Market Size, Players, Revenue Analysis 2023-2029 11-11-2023 10:34 AM CET | Tourism, Cars, Traffic Press release from: ReportsnReports ReportsnReports The Vehicle Eve

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“Extremely slick conditions” on Denver metro roads as post-Thanksgiving snow continues

Black Friday travelers, beware: First responders around the Denver metro are reporting “extremely slick conditions” on roads, according to a , and a “sheet of ice” on roadways, , which worked

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Fresno Unified Faces $38 Million Budget Deficit. Trustees Say No School Safety Cuts.

Fresno Unified may have avoided a teacher strike last month, but the district will need to find $38 million in savings in other areas as a result of pay boosts to district staffers. The cost-of-living

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Amtrak train crashes into big rig, closing Calif. freeway temporarily

Amtrak Pacific Surfliner train 790 travels between Goleta and San Diego. An traveling to San Diego crashed into a big rig on Dec. 12, around 6:20 p.m. The Pacific Surfliner train crashed into an “un

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Tahoe is having a historically bad snow year. Is that about to change?

The sun sets above Truckee, Calif., near Lake Tahoe, on Friday, March 10, 2023. Lake Tahoe have been so low that some anxious locals on Reddit have joked about to snow gods in hopes of fresh powder. B

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Is this Heaven? No, it’s a winter hellscape known as Iowa.

DES MOINES — Kari Lake looked bored. Somehow, the Donald Trump-loving Arizona Republican managed to make it into Iowa to hit the stump for the former president. But no sooner had she landed than her

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