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Law enforcement increasingly enlists artificial intelligence to fight crime

Back Print By Kerry Picket - The Washington Times - Wednesday, December 27, 2023 It’s not yet to the point of science fiction’s “Minority Report,” where police can arrest someone for “precri
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Woman catches partner cheating on cruise ship live camera

This article was one of Herald Travel’s best-read stories of 2023 One woman’s cruise holiday took a tragic turn after she allegedly saw her partner cheating on a security camera that was live-stre
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Phone Comparisons: Google Pixel 8 vs ASUS ZenFone 10

The Google Pixel 8 is Google’s latest compact flagship, and it has some competition in the market. One of the devices that is competing directly with it comes from ASUS, and it’s actually really g
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Why 2024 will be the year of ‘augmented mentality’

Join leaders in San Francisco on January 10 for an exclusive night of networking, insights, and conversation. Request an invite here. In the near future, an AI assistant will make itself at home insid
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’90 Day Diaries’ Season 5: Cast, Premiere Date, How to Watch, and More

It’s time to check in with some of your favorite 90 Day Fiancé couples. A new season of 90 Day Diaries premieres in January 2024 on TLC. The show follows couples from TLC’s hit 90 Day franchise a
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Apple Maps cars spotted in Malaysia: Look Around, improved maps coming soon?

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 17 ― Right on time, Apple’s Image Collection cars for Apple Maps have started filtering into Malaysian traffic for, well, image collection. The cars, which were planned to enter
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Kaspersky’s Advanced Persistent Threats Predictions for 2024

Kaspersky’s new report provides the company’s view on the . Existing APT techniques will keep being used, and new ones will likely emerge, such as the increase in AI usage, hacktivism and targetin
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Tahiti Olympic protests: Ocean tower at surf venue angers locals

Organisers of the Paris Olympics said building work will continue on a new tower for judges and TV cameras at the surfing venue in Tahiti despite the sport’s governing body saying it no longer suppo
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Blue Jays beat themselves and go meekly into off-season after being swept by Twins

The body bags were strewn about Target Field on Wednesday afternoon and evening with plenty of Blue Jays candidates to fill them after Canada’s team was meekly swept from Major League Baseball’s p
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The 7 best event management companies in Birmingham

The 7 best event management companies in Birmingham We have all experienced the headache of finding a venue, sourcing a caterer, and the maze of other tasks that go into trying to plan a great event.
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The ‘iPhone For AI’: Betting Big On Artificial Intelligence

Editor’s note: “The ‘iPhone For AI’: Betting Big On Artificial Intelligence ” was previously published in October 2023 . It has since been updated to include the most relevant information av
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Hands-on with UAG’s rugged cases for the iPhone 15 line [Video]

The iPhone 15 is out in customers hands, and it hasn’t taken long for some increased concerns about frame damage and the back glass on the phones. To keep your iPhone safe for the long run, you’ll
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