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Electric Iron Market Analysis & Forecast for Next 5 Years

Electric Iron Market Analysis & Forecast for Next 5 Years 12-08-2023 08:13 PM CET | Advertising, Media Consulting, Marketing Research Press release from: HTF Market Intelligence Consulting Private Lim
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Avoiding a Fudge or a Sludge: Nudge to the forefront

I read with much interest an already acclaimed book in its latest form published in 2021. Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein take us through a fabulous journey. It is much more than a fudge and you can
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Taylor Swift continues to be a moneymaker for Universal Music in Q3

Cultural phenomenon Taylor Swift helped fuel revenue at Universal Music Group in the third quarter, the world’s largest record label said Wednesday. Total revenue was 2.75 billion euros ($2.9 billio
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Anti-Gambling Laws Cost Media Sector, SBS Adapts

Ahead of government laws banning gambling adverts, SBS has revealed new restrictions, which allow individuals to block ads categorised as wagering, alcohol or fast food on its On-Demand TV app. This i
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Where does Santa live? Not in the North Pole according to historians

The iconic picture of Santa, dressed up in a heavy red fur-lined suit and black boots never made much sense in Aotearoa, where Christmas happens over summer. So, some designs around New Zealand show h
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Long Before the FTX Debacle, Shaquille O’Neal was Sued for Misleading Fans into Believing in a Fraudulent Bracelet

At the time when FTX was the talk of the town in the financial world, was among the many celebrities who publicly endorsed and acted as spokespersons for the platform. While the Big Diesel also found
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‘What were they thinking?’ Zara causes outrage over rubble, body bags in campaign imagery

Shoppers are calling for a boycott of fast fashion giant Zara over its latest campaign, which features images of rubble and mannequins in body bags. The retailer shared photos of its latest Zara Ateli
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City of Glasgow graduates take steps towards success

Having benefited from City of Glasgow College’s state-of-the-art facilities, inspirational courses and professional connections, graduates are now preparing to take centre stage , writes Agnes Steve
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Netflix’s password-sharing crackdown reels in subscribers as it raises prices for its premium plan

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Netflix on Wednesday disclosed summertime subscriber gains that surpassed industry analysts’ projections, signaling the video streaming service’s crackdown on password shari
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UK lawmakers call on Premier League to reduce volume of gambling adverts

British members of parliament are calling on the Premier League and other governing bodies to reduce the volume of gambling adverts in stadiums, citing a study that found nearly 7,000 visible gambling
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How Technology Facilitates Addiction Among Adolescents

Share Tweet Share Share Email Recent brain research has revealed that teens exhibiting signs of internet addiction show changes in the orbitofrontal cortex, a decision-making center, in ways similar t
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Is Energy Efficiency our Panacea for Power?

Forbes Innovation Sustainability Is Energy Efficiency our Panacea for Power? Saleem H. Ali Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Environmental systems scientist at the U
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