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10 Tips to Help Spot an A.I. Author

Since its release last November, ChatGPT has been used by over a and clocked over Reviews have been mixed. Many in the AI community are enthralled and excited by the possibilities, and on the other side, there are many who are apprehensive of AI’s impact on The affect of this technology is still unfolding, and almost daily there seem to be discussions and debates about in almost every sector; from business, to education, and of course to publishing. While it’s too soon to know where the chips will fall, (and we may never have a definitive consensus on that anyway), it is clear that the internet and bookstores are being . In response to , that requires authors who use before publishing. Although a very positive step, that policy is still quite new and it’s very easy to circumvent should an “author” choose to be less forthcoming. At this point, I have written a half dozen different articles on this rapidly developing topic, to a piece discussing how the use of AI without disclosure is That being said, I’d like to state that I’m not personally against A.I. In fact, I think it’s a novel and exciting invention, and like all inventions, it really depends on how us humans choose to work with it. The pressing issues around this are; the lack of transparency of behalf of those and then giving out critical advice which , the on behalf of book sellers which has left a door open for abuse to take place, and lastly, our justice systems’ with holding said parties accountable. Each piece I’ve written on this topic is heavily researched, and along the way, I started to notice certain patterns that would show up in regards to books that have been written with AI. I have compiled a list in the hopes that readers and consumers can better navigate their book buying experience with transparency. Please note this is not an official guide by any means, and I’m sure there are “tells” I have missed. If you have personally noticed any red-flags-patterns, we’d love to hear from you in the comments. I’d also like to thank and give credit author for sharing some of her observations (and photos) she noticed when researching this topic after she An avid book reader and proud library card holder, Angela is new to the world of e-Readers. She has a background in education, emergency response, fitness, loves to be in nature, travelling and exploring. With an honours science degree in anthropology, Angela also studied writing after graduation. She has contributed work to The London Free Press, The Gazette, The Londoner, Best Version Media, Lifeliner, and
Publish Date : 2023-10-25 22:04:01
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